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Popups and Live Chat


Gobot is fully compatible with and will not interfere with your existing popups.  With that said, Gobot is so much more engaging than your typical popup, and converts so much better, that we are hoping that you will eventually abandon your popups in favor of Gobot.  Truth is that most screen jacking popups are pretty annoying!  If there is any overlap with your popup, you can simply shift your popup position or adjust the positioning of your Gobot in Test mode.


Gobot proactively addresses your website visitors and reduces your reliance on live representatives.  With that said, Gobot fully recognizes that there will be circumstances best addressed via live chat with a live representative.  There are two ways you can use Gobot to address your live chat needs:

1. Use Gobot's Facebook Messenger ("Messenger") functionality to interact with your customers live over Messenger directly on your website.

2. Use Gobot to hand-off to your existing live chat service.

Consistently, you can include in your bot script an invitation to chat live.  This will either take the form of a button in your bot script, which upon click closes Gobot and opens your existing live chat , or a Facebook Messenger field in your bot script, which allows your visitor to send a question or comment to your Messenger account.  Gobot does not include its own separate independent live chat service.   However, we have found that most businesses either already have a live chat service they are very happy with (thus the hand-off functionality) or they are content using Facebook Messenger for free to interact live with their visitors.  Messenger was recently updated to facilitate its use in the business live chat context, and we are very impressed. Click here to check it out. Below is the Facebook Messenger web interface:


Dragging the Live Chat button from your tool palette in the right hand panel into the center build panel transitions the right hand panel presenting two options: (a) Facebook Messenger, or (b) Trigger your existing live chat provider.  If you choose Facebook Messenger, you will be required to enter your Facebook page URL.  A sample bot created this way looks like this:

Upon pressing Send, the visitor's message is sent to your business' Messenger account.  Once you respond to the visitor, Gobot confirms that your message was sent and also allows your visitor to send another message.  If you respond to your visitors message, they will see it in Messenger and be able to communicate with you.

If you choose "Trigger your existing live chat provider" in the right hand panel (rather than Messenger), you will be presented with button customization options and also be required to identify, via a pull down menu, your live chat provider.  Gobot integrates with all major live chat providers.  A sample bot create with a live chat handoff button looks like this:

In this example, when your visitor clicks on the "Chat With Us Live" button Gobot is closed and your live chat window automatically opens so you can chat live with your visitor using your pre-existing live chat service.



If you are using a live chat service on your site Gobot automatically detects such and appears on the opposite side of the screen so as to prevent overlap of the Gobot messaging window with that of your live chat service.  Gobot only knows to reposition itself if at least one of your bot provides for a live chat hand-off button, which requires that you indicate what live chat service you are using.

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