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Coordinating Multiple Live Bots

If you plan to have multiple published bots live on the same page at the same time, you will need to coordinate their settings.  For example, if you publish bot A with a 20 second delay and then bot B with a zero second delay, the next time a visitor loads your website bot B will appear immediately (given that it has a zero second delay) and bot A will only load if your website visitor actively closes bot b within 20 seconds.  If your website visitor doesn't close bot B or closes it only after 20 seconds has elapsed bot A will never be triggered.  So while you can stagger the appearance of multiple bots by staggering their delay timing, given that you cannot control or predict whether your website visitor will actively close a bot, this is not the most reliable way to stagger the appearance of your bots.  Instead, we recommend that you proactively stagger your bots using a setting under the Advanced tab in the Bot Setup page.  You can proactively choose to trigger one of your other bots upon the closing of your active bot by clicking on the Advanced tab in the Bot Setup page and choosing a bot from the pull down menu adjacent "On close, activate _____" and toggling the button adjacent this option to the right (on) position.  You can do this to assure that multiple bots run back to back, the second bot being triggered upon close of the first bot, the third bot being triggered upon close of the second bot, etc.

Note: If you publish and make live two bots with the identical time delay, the last bot you created will always take priority.  And unless you use the "On Close, active ___" option under the Advanced tab, your second bot will not appear at all.

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