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Your bot is now published and working away on your site 24/7, and you want to see just how good your bot actually is at engaging and converting your website visitors!  Gobot's analytics functionality takes all of the guess work out of this calculus.  Clicking on the Analyze tab in the right hand panel reveals analytics associated with whatever bot you currently have chosen in the left hand panel.


Below is a list of the analytics available for your bot in the right hand panel:

1. Number of chats this month, last month, and all time

2. Email opt-in this month, last month, and all time

3. Survey Score (including Promoters (rating of 9 or 10), Passives (rating of 7 or 8), and Detractors (ratings of 0-6))

4. Average time on page this month, last month, and before you started using Gobot

5. Date bot published

An email opt-in rate is only shown if your bot solicits email addresses.  A Survey Score is only shown if your bot solicits such a score. The Survey Score is calculated by subtracting the % of Detractors from the % of Promoters.  Average time on page is only shown if your bot is integrated with Google Analytics (see third tab in bot setup page).  Click here for more information about integrating with Google Analytics.


The center panel also displays a number of important bot analytics.  Your selected bot script is displayed in the center panel. Alongside each line of your bot script is an indication of the number of views this line has received and, if this script line includes a button, the number of times the button was clicked by a website visitor.  If the line includes a field for user input, e.g., email address or text, a button appears adjacent to this line, which upon click reveals user responses to this field inquiry.  There is also a View All Responses button at the bottom of the center panel, which upon click renders visible all user responses to field inquiries in a single table.  All of this data is downloadable to a spreadsheet via CSV.


Data in the Analyze tab reflects website visitor engagement with your bot on whatever website is listed in the Bot Setup page. Therefore, you will only start to develop analytics data once your bot is actually published on this website, visitors actually visit your selected site, and your bot is triggered to appear on this site. Running your bot in Test mode by clicking the Test button will not generate any analytics data because it does not reflect any actual engagement with a website visitor.

Please also note that while you are free at any point to edit an already published bot, doing so might confuse your analytics data (in particular if you change the questions being asked by your bot, etc.).  Therefore, whenever you modify and republish a bot, Gobot inquires as to whether you want to refresh your analytics data in the process.

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